Visited Qunes Factory at Soongdeok Girls' Middle School's 'Soongdeok Greene Together'

#Development Story

Even if bottle caps are separated into small plastic and sent, they are classified as trash during the recycling process and are often discarded without being recycled.
So bottle caps and small plastic parts are difficult to recycle with normal recycling.
Eventually, most of them are thrown away, and plastic mills using these tiny pieces of plastic are becoming an issue.
In the case of plastic mills, we are conducting rewards campaigns such as sending toothpaste squeezes if you send a bottle cap.

Qunes Global specializes in the design of injection machines and injection molds, so you can experience the process of making recycled products yourself by grinding recycled materials and injecting them.

Soongdeok Girls' Middle School's environmental club <Greene with Soongdeok> has been asked if we can experience this process. Qunes Factory has been planning to open its doors to the outside world, but it is currently on hold because it is time to be careful and details and operational policies have not been finalized. However, I decided to proceed with the students who are interested in environmental issues, good intentions, and the active and firm will of the teacher in charge.

I'm going to make a cell phone stand with the bottle caps collected from Sungdeok Girls' Middle School. When grinding the bottle cap, it takes about three to four times to make it, and this process takes quite a while. So I asked the teacher in charge for the bottle cap in advance and received it from the company and crushed it the day before. They sent it separately by color, so we just crushed it without having to separate it.

폐 플라스틱 색상별 정리

The bottle cap usually has a logo or the name of the item.
There are times when it's printed or when it's a sticker, but you have to separate it well and remove the sticker.
Foreign substances (unseparated stickers) during the injection process can lead to a deterioration in the quality of the export.

폐플라스틱 분쇄폐플라스틱 분쇄

If you grind it about 4 times, it will flake to the extent that it is good for injection.

분쇄된 플라스틱

After an outside meeting in the morning, the busy director rushed to greet the guests of Sungdeok Girls' Middle School on time.

큐네스 사출 제품

Seven guests from Sungdeok Girls' Middle School <Green with Sungdeok> Club's five students, teachers in charge, and vice-principal visited Qunes Factory. The vice-principal said he came with the students to take them home. The vice principal is so sweet!


We had time to explain the current, problems, and improvements of recycling separation at the level of students, along with the data prepared simply by the director of Qunes Global. And looking at the products made by grinding waste plastic, we talked about difficulties and precautions when making them with recycled materials. The vice-principal actively participated and encouraged students.

Now, let's finish the theory class and experience the process of grinding and injection through a micro-crusher and an ultra-small injection machine Qunes.

I left some plastic lids that the students collected and crushed them myself.


And we also looked at the various recycled materials that Qunes Global uses.

We started making cell phone stands using micro-injectors with crushed materials.


Preheat the machine, go through several purging processes for quality of the product, and inject the cat, the cradle, and the core fish of the cradle.

큐네스금형 고양이 거치대큐네스금형 고양이 거치대 제품사출 제작injection production

After the first injection, we enjoyed the tremendous cheers.

사출 제작

The color is very subtle, right?
This is a disadvantage and an advantage of the micro-injector.
In a typical ejector, mixing materials of different colors is heated and mixed into a screw in the cylinder, and the two colors are ejected into one color completely. In a micro-injector, the color is retained to some extent because it is ejected immediately after heating from the cylinder.
It may be a disadvantage if you have to mix colors, but it can be a different fun when injecting using recycled materials.
Well, the students' reactions were the best.

사출 체험

Students also had time to actually inject.
I wore protective gloves and succeeded in injecting with help under the guidance of the director.

cat cradle product using waste plastic

The completed cat stand was made by students, teachers, and one other member of the club who couldn't come, and gave it as a souvenir.

방문기념 단체사진

We even took the last commemorative photo and finished it.
It was a fun time explaining hard to the students who were curious and curious.
I hope it was a fun and meaningful time for Soongdeok together.

With a growing sense of crisis about the environment, recycling is now not their own world by some interested people, but many are actively participating in recycling and resource management.
Various methods that can be applied in real life are presented and shared.
As one of them, Qunes Global's equipment is also being used a lot.
We are currently collaborating with environmental groups and various local governments.
We will participate in the virtuous cycle of plastic through more diverse activities in the future.

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