Moved Qnes Global office

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Moved Qnes Global office

Qunes Global Office

Qnes Global, which was located in Juan National Industrial Complex, has newly expanded and moved to Guwol-dong.
It is The H Building across from the neighborhood park of the Asiad Athletes' Village in Guwol.

Building to be relocated by Qunes Global

Was it because there was no window in the previous office?

이전하기 전의 공실1Vacancy 21

before relocation

This is an incredibly sunny window.

You can see the Asiad Athletes' Village Neighborhood Park right outside the window.
Perfect for a walk after lunch.

창밖 공원 뷰

After completing the office interior work, I moved into the office smelling the new house.

공사중 출입금지제작공간

There's a pile of stuff to fill and organize.

We worked on the sheet paper to utilize existing office supplies as much as possible.

책상 시트지 교체replace desk sheet

As various equipment comes in and settles down, it gradually looks like a production space.

가공장비초소형사출기작업 공간

We plan to fill this space with a space that can be shared by those who need a small injection, not just inside Qunes Global.

작업 공간

and conference room with the best lighting and view.
The lighting was so good that it almost burned to death in the summer, so blinds were installed to protect the lives of the employees.


In the future, many things will be done by Qunes Global within this space.
It will be a space that covers everything from small injection work to various product development.
I can already imagine many people focusing on their goals in this space.
I will share how I work hard to fill this space.
Please cheer for Q-NESS Global's new future together.

Qunes Global Entrance
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