Opening Ceremony of Qunes Factory, a small-scale manufacturing research center

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개소식 초대장

Hello, we're Qnes Global.
The opening ceremony will be held before the expansion of the Qnes Global Office.

I was worried because it was a careful time.
We decided to divide the time zone and hold it small, paying attention to quarantine.

On May 29, we would like to invite those interested in small-scale production (plastic injection) or small-scale recycling using waste plastic.

This opening ceremony will introduce the new office of Qnes Global and the space for small-volume production, as well as the prototypes of the diversified Qnes and the finished products of the ultra-small grinder.

There have been many inquiries about ultra-small shredder.
As we received many inquiries, our staff also waited anxiously.

In order to upgrade usability a little more from the existing shredder prototype that I introduced through SNS or blogs, we redesigned it to an open structure that is easy to clean and paid more attention to stability.

If you visit the opening ceremony, I think it will be a good opportunity to solve questions about the grinder and ejector.

Please select a convenient time between 10 a.m. and 12 a.m. and 14 p.m. and 16 p.m. and send an application email to mkt2@qnes.co.kr or contact 032-464-7208.

Qnes Global Office is located in Room 303> The H Building next to Asiad Neighborhood Park in Guwol-dong, Incheon.

Those who use the car should use the central parking tower nearby because the parking lot in the building is small.
<Central Parking Tower, 20, Athlete's Village Park-ro 23beon-gil, Namdong-gu, Incheon> Quince Global will buy parking tickets!!

큐네스글로벌로 오시는 길

Park at the central parking tower in front of Incheon Namdong Police Station and walk along the red line.

If you were curious about the injection machine or are interested in the recycling industry using waste plastic, please do not hesitate to apply by email or phone.

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