Invitation to the 2021 KOPLAS Exhibition

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Qnes Global will participate in 2021 KOPLAS at KINTEX in Ilsan.

2021코플라스 포스터

KOPLAS is the Korea International Plastics·Rubber Show, marking its 26th anniversary this year, and presenting the future of the rubber industry, ranging from plastic raw materials to molds, processing machines, related auxiliary devices, automation solutions, printing, packaging, semi-finished products, and finished products." It will be held for four days from the 25th (Wed) to the 28th (Sat) of the month under the theme of "Plastic, Dream of a Sustainable Future!" at the 8th Hall of KINTEX Exhibition Hall 2.

The exhibition scheduled to be held in March this year has been confirmed to be held in August. Although it is currently in the fourth stage of social distancing related to COVID-19, it has been decided to hold it in strict compliance with basic quarantine rules.

COVID-19 related Coplas organizer's notice

Considering the safety of participating companies and visitors as a top priority, the entrance and exit of the exhibition hall are restricted and thoroughly quarantined.
Admission is determined by the entry registration process and thermal imaging camera heat sensor. You must use a full-body disinfection gate, hand sanitizer, wear disposable masks and plastic gloves, and quarantine personnel will be deployed in the exhibition hall to check the wearing of quarantine supplies. The exhibition hall air conditioning facility will be operated every hour to ensure smooth ventilation.

You can watch it from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and there is no admission fee for pre-registration.
The admission fee will be 10,000 won for on-site registration, so if you are planning to watch it, please register in advance.

Qnes Global will showcase new equipment such as ultra-small injection machines and ultra-small shredder launched in July and demonstrate injection using waste plastic to match the slogan "Plastic. Dream of a sustainable future."

Ultra-small injector MD-25/MD-10 Ultra-small shredder S-1

전시회 출품 장비전시회 출품 장비

"Ultra-small injection machine and grinder"
10% discount on booking during the exhibition period"

At the exhibition, we will sell the equipment at a 10% discount on the existing sales price to those who made a purchase reservation as well as demonstration of the equipment.
I think it will be the last discount event after the 25% discount event ends in July.
If you are willing to buy it, but it is difficult to buy it in July, I think it would be good to seriously consider it during the exhibition in August.

KINTEX is located at 217-60, KINTEX-ro, Seo-gu, Ilsan, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, and you can come to Hall 8 of the second exhibition hall.
The booth at Qnes Global is not far from the entrance.
Please make sure to visit and bring the souvenirs and Kunez injection products.

Cunes Global Booth Location in Exhibition Hall

For inquiries, please contact mkt2@qnes.co.kr or 032-464-7208.

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