Incheon Entrepreneurship Festival I START UP 2021 Qnes Global CEO Kang Jin-hwan Awarded Incheon Mayor’s Commendation for Excell

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Hosted by Incheon Small and Medium Venture Business Administration, < I-START UP 2021 Start-up Venture Hanmadang> is a start-up festival involving eight start-up organizations, including Incheon Startup Child Care Council, Korea Institute of Environmental Industry and Technology, Incheon Youth Entrepreneurship Association, Incheon Techno Park, Incheon University, Inha University, and Korea Polytech 2 University.

2021 Incheon Start-up Venture Hanmadang Poster

It is Incheon's representative start-up and venture event, which was first held in 2017 to create an active start-up ecosystem by promoting start-up and venture support institutions and excellent companies in Incheon.
More than 13,5,000 people are participating in 2020 due to increased interest compared to the beginning, and last year, this year, was held under the title.

I-START UP 2021 온라인 생방송 현장

Considering this year's COVID-19 situation, it has adopted a non-face-to-face method following last year and consists of live online broadcasts and online exhibition halls.

The online event was held at 2 p.m. on Thursday, November 25th, and various start-up-related events such as rewards for start-ups, lectures on successful start-ups, youth start-ups (King Wangjeon), and unboxing of excellent products for start-ups and venture companies.

The award for outstanding start-ups and start-ups was given by the Minister of SMEs and Startups, Incheon Mayor, Incheon Small and Medium Venture Business Administration, and Korea Startup Child Care Association.

At Qnes Global, CEO Kang Jin-hwan was selected as an excellent start-up company and received the Incheon Metropolitan City Mayor's citation.

I-START UP 2021 Kang Jin-hwan Awarded Incheon Metropolitan City Mayor's Commendation Award 211129_img4.jpg

I-START UP 2021 Start-up Promotion Citation Winner Group Photo

After that, chef Lee Won-il, who is familiar with entertainment programs such as "Please Take Care of My Refrigerator" and "Pyeon Restaurant," gave a lecture on the founding of the company under the theme of "Startup is Flow&Needs."

Startup is Flow&Needs

Chef Lee Won-il is also a successful owner in various food-related businesses.
You told me a lot of good stories about starting a business in the lecture. If you're curious about the lecture, you can check it out on YouTube.
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In addition, Vietnamese influencer TOTONHANH, which has 320,000 subscribers, unboxing and reviewing excellent products of nine startup companies and the Incheon Youth Startup Competition were held.
The Incheon Youth Entrepreneurship Contest was selected on the spot.
A total of 21 audience evaluation teams connected by Zoom selected the grand prize and the best prize for the two elementary and middle school teams and two high school teams that passed the preliminary round.
(G)I-DLE announced it live online. I was proud of them for no reason because they looked so mature for his age.
For the elementary and secondary grades, Seo Seung-yeon's wheelbarrow sensor, Daol businessman's pet bath stand for the excellence, eco-friendly filament recycling the waste mask of the Nugabi team for the high school, and recycling coffee clay solution using the hug team's coffee foil were selected for the excellence.
And the instructors of the grand prize team won the Outstanding Teacher Award.
The online live broadcast ended with the general public category and the Global Media Awards.

I-START UP 2021 Incheon Startup Venture Hanmadang Online Exhibition Hall is in operation until December 31st.
Shortcut to the online exhibition hall of Incheon Start-up Venture Hanmadang

The online exhibition hall introduces the policies and technologies of a total of 324 outstanding start-ups.
It consists of products and company descriptions of excellent start-ups and provides various functions such as real-time chat and meeting scheduling with companies.

Qnes Global's ultra-small ejector is also introduced.
News materials are also registered, so if you are interested, please visit.
Qnes Global Online Exhibition Center

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